How to Estimate the Move In Cost for Your New Apartment

When looking for a new apartment, you need to look beyond the cost of the monthly rent. You also need to look at how much you’ll need to move in. Moving can be expensive, so it’s important to estimate the cost before you decide where you want to live.

The Apartment

When looking at an apartment, you want to determine exactly how much you need to pay upon moving in. These costs might include security deposits, pet deposits, first and last month’s rent and other fees.

In addition, you’ll need to estimate the cost of connecting any necessary utilities. Some utility companies charge a deposit if you don’t meet certain credit requirements. The utility company may be able to help you determine the deposit.

Moving Costs

Moving can be cheap or expansive, depending on what you have to move. If this is your first apartment you may have very little to move. However, if you’re changing homes, you may need to hire a company to help you with the moving process.

Look at the space you want to move to. Determine how many of your current possessions will fit into this new space. You may need to discard, give away or sell some of your possessions in order to live comfortably in your new apartment.


Depending on your situation, you may need to purchase new furnishings for you apartment. If you’re moving from a furnished space, you may need to buy all new furniture for your home.

If you have furniture, you may still need to replace furnishings that are too large or do not fit in your new space. You need to estimate these costs into your moving budget.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Things don’t always go the way you plan. It’s important to plan for mishaps and accidents that may cost you time and money. For example, if your apartment is not ready, you may need to find a place to stay for a few nights.

You may also need to plan for meals and hiring help if needed to get your home in a habitable state. These expenses may be small, but can grow if your plans change significantly.

If you plan your move carefully it’s easy to stay within your budget. This means you can move into a Fairless Hills, PA apartment without worrying about running out of funds. This will make moving much less stressful for you and your family.

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